People. Not PDFs.

It takes 15 seconds to find your best people, faster.

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Our robust platform empowers you to hire better and faster by focusing on people – not PDF’s.

Our products are available on desktop, web browser, iOS, and Android devices.

Create postings, track candidates and manage your hiring process. Even share with colleagues.

Invite candidates and communicate with them easily using their channel of choice.

Create & Invite

Enter your jobs in StartMonday and start (automatically) inviting your candidates to make 15-second videos.

Communicate & Manage

Call or message the best people direct to their phones or email; carefully manage rejections; track all candidates through a smooth, intuitive process.

Share & Hire

Send your favorite candidate videos and documents to colleagues; get their feedback quickly and get the right people hired, faster.

About Us

StartMonday will become the most innovative and trusted brand for jobs. We’re building powerful tools for the Mobile Generation. Our mission is to make recruiting, and work itself, an amazing experience for everyone.

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Companies We Work With

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