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StartMonday’s recruiting platform helps employers select better candidates, faster, with the power of 15-second video introductions and supported by an intuitive Applicant Tracking System. StartMonday’s video-led mobile and web applications deliver a better impression of personality and customer skills, ultimately helping employers decide which candidates they should talk to first – making the process much more efficient. StartMonday is focused on becoming recognized as an innovative and trusted brand for job recruitment. The Company is dedicated to building powerful tools for the Mobile Generation. Many of us remember taking our CVs around to cafes, bars and other businesses trying to get a handshake with a manager who we wanted to impress in-person and get hired. StartMonday has proven that a 15-second video is a great substitute for those first impressions in a mobile and digital world.

The principal market opportunity lies in high-turnover industries like retail and hospitality, where personality and customer skills are primary decision points for hiring, and where candidates are also highly engaged in mobile apps, video and social media. Retail and hotel chains, for example, are prepared to invest significant resources in optimising their hiring processes and improving their employer brands to remain competitive.

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The company has global vision driven from an international and diverse team with ambitious growth plans. Enterprise solutions are already being sold by sales professionals across Europe and North America. The company is maintaining its competitive advantage through continuous innovation - developing features that deliver high impact for its clients.

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