CareerChain is an open blockchain for individual career histories.

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Employers: trust your hiring information

  • verified CV’s instantly surpass every other job search platform
  • legitimate candidates get the chance they deserve and the employer gets the candidate they need 

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Candidates: never re-enter your career records again

• update & deploy across multiple platforms

• share with who you want, when you want
• enter once, apply everywhere

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StartMonday Verify - the first CareerChain app for employers

Janet is building her resume on CareerChain.

... adds a career claim to CareerChain "Worked at AcmeCo as a Financial Analyst from 5/2013 to 7/2017"
The unverified career claim is added to her CareerChain resume and is immediately part of her visible profile
... asks for her work experience to be verified by AcmeCo and provides a reference contact there
Verify Service
A request goes to StartMonday Verify to broker the signing of the claim
Verify Service
... verifies authenticity and then sends an email with the claim and a "Verify" button to Janet's reference
Janet's former boss at AcmeCo, Bill, receives the request at his official AcmeCo email address
... recognizes and agrees with Janet's claim of employment, so he clicks "Verify" to acknowledge. As simple as a credit card fraud alert email. One click, no company liability, and he's back to his day
Verify Service
StartMonday Verify receives Bill's acknowledgement
Verify Service
... digitally signs the verification and records it on the CareerChain
Now recruiters will see that Janet's experience was verified by her former employer - reducing reference check labor

Why choose CareerChain

CareerChain introduces benefits for recruiters, job seekers, miners,
file system peers and also 3rd party services.


Trustworthy information about candidates saves time and money identifying qualified people.

Job Seekers

Career histories, stored on an open, decentralised public blockchain give job seekers efficient control of their data and lead to massive global adoption.


Everything must be mined and verified on the public blockchain which creates opportunities for miners to compete for tokens (including StartMonday).

File System Peers

The decentralised file system relies on a peer-to-peer network where peers are compensated for their participation.

3rd Party Services

Any business can offer apps and services on the public CareerChain, increasing traffic and increasing token use which benefits everyone - especially StartMonday.

Coming Q1 2018

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